The Stuck Judge is a video by ChloeCreations.


Chloe enters the room in her judge’s robe and her black pumps. She reaches for a can on the floor, and finds her hand stuck inside of it. It is rat trap glue! She struggles to get free. She slips off her pumps, and uses her bare foot as leverage to pull her hand out of the sticky mess. She stumbles backwards, and steps right into a puddle of glue with her bare feet! Now her feet are stuck fast to the floor as she whines about what to do. As her feet lift, the glue stretches and strings, but holds her feet hard. She sits down, trying to get out of it, and manages to get her hand stuck in the bucket. After struggling uselessly, she realizes she likes the feeling of the glue all over her feet, and starts playing with it’s stretchiness. She realizes it isn’t so bad having her bare feet stuck after all!