Tight Spot by pbflyboy was a story that was hosted on Sticky-Site.

The phone jarred me awake. For a second I had no idea what was going on. I managed a glance at the clock (3am) and answered the phone.

"Hey" said the phone "What were you doing?" My sleep addled brain struggled with the question. "Jake, are you still there?" asked the phone. With an audible clunk, my brain shifted into gear. "Yes Lisa, how nice to hear from you at THREE IN THE MORNING!"

"Oh, sorry about that" she said "but I wouldn't have called if it wasn't an emergency. Can you come down to Oak Park?" "What, right now?" I asked "Can't it wait 'til morning?" "Technically," she countered "it is morning, and no, it can't wait. Janet and Rachel have gotten themselves into... a tight spot. We need your help."

“What’s the problem?" I growled. She launched into a brief explanation that ended with "..So any ideas?" "You wake me up in the middle of the night, throw this extremely weird problem at me, and I'm supposed to have an immediate solution? How the hell did they even do that?"

"First off" she replied "Yes, you're a frickin' genius, even at three in the morning. You probably got ten ideas already. You're just crabby cause I woke you up. Second, if you want the full idiotic story, get your ass down here, and help me pull them out."

"Hmph, I love it when you sweet talk" I said "Fine, give me 15 minutes." "Thanks," she said "by the North parking lot. Bye." I hung up the phone and started getting dressed. She was half right. I only had five ideas.

I gathered together a few things, dropped them in a 5 gallon pail for easy transport, and was out the door. The park was only a few miles away and Lisa was waiting for me in the North lot. Most girls would think sitting in a parking lot in the middle of the night would be dangerous, but then again, I met Lisa, Janet, and Rachel at a kick-boxing class. "Morning," she chirped "Thanks for coming so quick." "Yeah, sure, anything for you." I said, unconvincingly "Now how did this happen exactly?"

The story went like this. The three roommates had gone to a party near here together. Janet and Rachel had gotten bored and decided to go for a walk. They told Lisa not to leave without them and set off toward the park. After a while they started making out (they're kind of a couple if I didn't mention it). Well they thought they heard someone coming and took the nearest hiding spot they could, then found themselves stuck. Lisa came looking for them. Laughed at them for a while, couldn't get them out, and the rest is history.

"Why did they have to hide? Couldn't they just, you know stop?” I asked. Lisa grinned and pointed at something lying on the ground ahead. A t-shirt? Then I saw a pair of jeans and a bra? It took a second to sink in. "They're naked!? Come on, this is a playground for Heaven's sake!" I exclaimed "Kids play here!" "You can chew them out all you want. They're just up here." she laughed. We came up to a huge jungle gym. Lisa walked around to an eight foot long, orange plastic, tube slide and pounded on the side.

"You guys still here?" she asked.

"Where else would we be?" came the reply from inside.

"The physics of this situation simply amaze me."

I was crouched at the top of the slide, looking down at the two faces staring back at me. They were lying on their sides, facing each other, about a foot down. From where I was sitting, I couldn't see Janet's arms. I assumed they were pinned to her sides. Rachel's arms, however, were bent and pinned in between them. When she looked up, I could see her hands sticking out from between them.

"How did you get down that far with your arms like that?" I asked. Janet appeared to turn a little red at the question (although everything seemed a little red in an orange slide).

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Rachel said "Well we were pretty sweaty at the time. That and a little gravity and...." She squirmed for emphasis. "Hmmm" I grinned "Let me just try to visualize that." "You can visualize all you want, pervert, as long as you get us out of here." scowled Janet.

"Hey, I may be a pervert, but I wasn't the one doing it on a public playground." I replied.

"Whenever the mood strikes" added Rachel "But seriously, can you get us free? I'm going to need a bathroom pretty soon." "Well, let's find out." I replied and climbed down the ladder. I figured the best way out was the way they went in, so I went to the bottom of the slide to try and push them back up.

"Interesting view" I said, leaning inside. Judging from what I could see from the bottom, not only were they both nude, but they were immobilized from their thighs to their shoulders. It must have felt like a body cast. "I'm going to push now. Brace your feet against my hands and exhale on three. One, two, three!" I braced my own feet and pushed for all I was worth. They didn't budge. I backed out of the slide.

"Any luck" asked Lisa. I shook my head and closed my eyes to think. I wasn't strong enough my self to push them out from the bottom and there wasn't room in there for Lisa to help. I thought maybe she could pull from the top, but there wasn't anywhere to hang on that wouldn't dislocate someone’s neck. But if someone could plant their feet on the girls' shoulders while the other pulled from the bottom... I resolved to try it that way.

"I might as well pull out all the stops." I thought "It's probably a good thing they're naked" I told Lisa "or this might stain their clothes." She raised an eyebrow quizzically until I held up a can of my secret weapon- WD-40! "Close your eyes and hold your breath for a few seconds." I told the trapped girls. When they were ready, I liberally sprayed the lubricant where their bodies met the slide. I hoped it would penetrate far enough. When I was done, I tossed the can to Lisa.

"You get the bottom." I said Get as much of the surface of the slide as you can. Use the whole can if you want." While Lisa was working, I got two straps out of my bucket. They were about two and a half feet long with a loop on both ends. The idea was to feed a loop from the middle through the loops on the ends, making two self tightening loops on each strap. It might sound complicated, but have you ever tried to keep a hold on someone covered in WD-40? I hadn't, but I bet it's hard. I figure we'd attach the straps to their ankles, giving us not only something to hold on to, but a little more torque as well. I caught the empty can Lisa threw at me and dropped in the bucket.

"All righty then! Lisa, you go to the top and put your feet on there shoulders. I'll hook these straps on down here. On the count of three, I'll pull, you push, and you guys" I bang on the slide for emphasis, "suck it in." "Okay" chorused the slide.

"I don't want to go in the top." said Lisa "you do it."

"You get to do it for two reasons. One: You're smaller and will have more room to move around. And two: The kindness that brought me down here this morning does not extend to getting my clothes covered in grease." "What about me?" she said gesturing to her dress.

"I was at a party, remember. These are good clothes."

"Be that as it may, reason one still holds." I replied, hopefully with an air of finality. "Come on Leese, hurry up. I have to go." urged the slide.

"You two had better appreciate this." she growled. She kicked off her shoes, then to my complete surprise, slipped the straps off her shoulders, and peeled off her dress. After a moments thought, she took her panties off to (hmm, a thong). Then, as naked as the two girls stuck in the slide, she climbed the ladder. I watched (very closely) until Lisa had gotten into position and braced herself against a railing. When I had the straps hooked on, I shouted "Ok, on three. One, two, THREE!"

I dug in and pulled for all I was worth. At first, nothing happened, but eventually they inched downward. It was a slow process. Even when they got onto the grease, it was still hard work. After a while, their feet came out of the slide, then their knees. The tips of Janet's fingers had just appeared, when I called for a break. "Can you guys move at all?" I asked them. Their legs were completely free of the slide, but there hips were still wedged pretty good. They squirmed around, but couldn't move much more than before. "Nope, we're still stuck pretty good." said Rachel.

"And were running low on oxygen with Lisa's feet this close to our face." Trying to stifle a laugh, I called "They're far enough down now that we can both pull from the bottom Lisa. You can come out now." I heard some movement in the slide, but Lisa did not appear. After a minute, she said "Um, no I can't." "You can't be stuck too." Janet cried "There's only one of you." "I can't reach the top." Lisa replied "And now the damn slide's so slippery, I can't climb out." I could hear Rachel laughing. "HA! It's got you too!" "Yeah very funny." Lisa commented. "Jake, help me out here." I grinned mischievously. "That's not in my contract, it'll cost you extra." "WHAT?! What cost? GET ME OUT Of HERE!" Lisa squawked. "Ooo, he's got a point Leese." Janet giggled. "Fair commerce, don't you know." "You guys aren't paying." Lisa argued. "You've got a point." said Janet. "Hey Jake, we've got next Saturday free. Get us out and we'll be your slaves for twenty-four hours." "Slaves, hmmm?" I said. "I might be interested..." I, of course, wasn't going to leave them there. They'd give the next groundskeeper to come around a heart attack. "We could cook, clean, maybe rub your shoulders..." said Janet.”And we'll wear what we're wearing now," called Rachel. "minus the grease and the slide." "WHAT!?" screamed the other two. "You drive a hard bargain," I said "but it sounds like a deal to me." I chuckled as I heard the three trapped women bickering in the slide. "I was kidding!" protested Rachel as Lisa repeatedly tapped the side of Rachel's head with her foot. I got one of the straps and climbed the ladder. "It wasn't funny!" replied Janet, squirming helplessly. I got to the top and looked down at Lisa's worried face. "You're not really gonna make us do that, are you?" she asked. "No, of course not. I was just pulling your chain. Besides, once you get out of here, I can't make you do anything." I told her. "See" called Rachel, "he knew I was-- OW!" Smiling, I lowered the strap down. This was all well worth getting up so early. A visiblely relaxed Lisa grabbed the end, and I hauled her up. When she climbed out and stood up, she wrapped her arms around herself. "SHIT!" she exclaimed "I can't put my dress back on covered in this stuff!" I took off my jacket, then my t-shirt, and handed the shirt to her. "What would you do without me?" I grinned. "I probably would have called the police to get these two out," she replied, slipping the shirt on. "But thanks." She was tall, but the shirt was long enough to keep her modest. We climbed down and reattached the strap. A few pulls later, the stuck girls (no longer stuck) tumbled out onto the ground. Janet shrieked and pulled knees to her chest, so I obligingly turned around while she gathered her clothes. When we had packed my stuff, I walked the girls to their car. Janet and Rachel thanked me and kissed me on the cheek. Lisa missed my cheek and hit my lips instead. "See you Saturday." she whispered.