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Twisted Fetish Shop: Harem Girl by tirachan75

A lot of people seem to assume that us girls really don't like sex. Personally, I have to wonder why that is, I mean, after all, if we didn't enjoy it why would we do it? And if all women don't like sex, why aren't all men considered rapists therefore? Maybe it was trying to prove the point, as well as feeling sexy, that I decided to shop at the Fetish Shop.

The Fetish Shop. Plain name, right? I don't know, but it is the name, at least on the sign. I went in, maybe with the intention of getting some fur-lined cuffs and a blindfold, maybe, but when i entered the The selection blew me away. I saw all kinds of things. Custom outfits, adhesives and lubricants, bondage implements, fetish clothing, a complete rack of heeled shoes. And this was just walking in the front door! "Can I help you miss?"

I whirled about, shocked, and found a woman stepping out from behind a rack of corsets. She was tall, at least 5" taller than my own 5'5" tall, not including her heels. She was dressed in what could be called 'fetish casual' a white button-up blouse under a underbust leather corset, and a shiny (PVC? latex? went my thoughts) loose skirt coming again from under the corset. Naturally, I embarrass myself with the first thing out of my mouth. "Aren't you uncomfortable in that corset?"

This raven-haired woman (who I could only assume was the shopkeeper) laughed warmly. "Oh, it can be if you are not used to it," she told me with a wink. "But, truly, may I help you with anything?"

I blushed. Why did I blush? If you asked for a book reason, I would say years of sexual repression. But that would be lying. I blushed because this woman, so casual in her sensuality, made me think of things that i wanted to do that i had not thought of before. "Well, um, truth be told, that is, I wanted to get something I could feel sexy in? As well as play around in?"I managed to say, weakly.

The owner nodded, and cocked her head to the side, one finger touching the side of her lips. "Well, we do have costumes, and you wouldn't be here if you at least didn't have a passing interest in some of what is not considered mainstream. 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me'?" she asked me, almost slyly. I nodded, and this seemed to excite her; she grabbed my wrist and led me right to the costumes area, pulling down from the wall what looked like a silver metal and transparent blue latex version of a harem girl outfit, sans the veil for the face. "Well, then, with your brown hair and blue eyes this would look perfect on you!" she proclaimed. I took the outfit, which was in two parts, into hand, examining it. The top consisted of what looked like a metal version of the midriff-baring top of a harem girl, that revealed the top of the breasts, but with hinges at the shoulder-strap tops, and what looked like keyholes and closures under the arm. from the arms, came out transparent blue latex, like the arm-veils of a harem girl, but ended in metal wrist cuffs, again with the same keyhole and closure as the main top.

The bottom was like an ergonomic chastity belt, I saw. The panty portion was like a thong, but with an opening in the back for being able to perform bodily needs, as well as tiny holes in the front, but made sure everything was locked away. The waistband rode high on the waist at the sides, but low in the front and back. It again had hinges, keyholes, and closures. Coming from the belt was more transparent blue latex, this time ending in ankle cuffs similar to the wrist cuffs.

"You said you wanted something to feel sexy in, this is perfect," the shopkeeper said to me. "The top is tight enough that you cannot slide your breasts out, so your breasts are on display a bit, but access to your nipples is nil. The bottom is chastity, and it all locks on. It is made for long term wear, so you could spend a lot of time in it, and, since you can't play with yourself while in it, it will make you feel very sexy. I call it the Fetish Chastity Harem Slave," she finished. Of course, during all of this my eyes grew wider and wider, but she just laughed and pushed me into a changing room. "Try it on! I am sure you will love it."

I think she knew I was timid about the costume; after all, it shouldn't nearly take a half hour to put it on, right? But, put it on I did, stripping naked in order to do so. The rubber-lined metal felt so tight, so confining, and yet so sensitizing. The slightly loose, yet very baggy latex 'veils' slid against my skin, covering it yet showing it off. I looked at myself in the mirror, the tops of my breasts and trim waistline on display, looking very sexy, and bowed to the inevitable: I had to get it.

I stepped out, letting the shopkeeper see me in the outfit. I think I shocked her, because her eyebrows went up. "You look a veritable fetish harem girl. So, if you were a slave like a harem girl, who would your master be?" The question threw me for a loop. "Well..." I began, hemming and hawing. "There is this person I like, maybe?" "And that is?" she asked me. "Alex Lewis," I answered, before going back in, using the key to free myself from the costume. I changed back to my regular clothing, and took the costume and key to the shopkeeper to purchase. "Do you take credit cards?" I asked, and the shopkeep nodded, her hair bobbing about. So, I gave her my card, and she gave me a couple of slips to sign. I signed them with my name, Jenn Cale, as she packed away the costume, handing me an envelope that said 'Key' on it.

I walked out of the store, of course. Once I got out of sight of it, though, I raced home. I had to put it on; I had looked very sexy in it. I got to my apartment, and quickly stripped, before putting on the costume, once again a fetish harem girl. I spent an hour in the suit, finding it tight yet somewhat comfortable, and yet completely denying me any access to my sexual organs. I needed relief!