Videos to introduce the new sticky parts [2017] is a tutorial video by Dolt Me Ply teaching the watcher about new versions of their sticky part models for MMD.

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Dolt Me Ply describes the new "leg" sticky part and the updated "wrapped" sticky part, once again using a Rin Kagamine model.

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Some translations may not be completely accurate and have been modified for use with the English version of MMD.


Original Japanese

Rough English



"Why do I always make things like this?"


とふと我に返ることがあります。Dolt Me Plyです。 what I sometimes ask myself. I am Dolt Me Ply.



I will briefly introduce the new sticky parts I made recently.



First let's look at "ネバネバパーツ【足】" (sticky parts (feet)).



If you change the color, you can make it look like wax created by One Piece's Doru Doru no Mi.

0:28 ネバネバパーツ【足】のひざのボーンをモーションで動かせば、 If you move the knee bone of the sticky part over time...
0:33 「きゃあ!スライムが足を登って来る!」 "Gyaaah! The slime's climbing up my leg!" 

みたいなシーンも作れます。誰得なんでしょうね。 can create scenes like that, if anyone's interested.

0:39 腕に絡めていたのは、過去に配布していた『ネバネバパーツ【包】』です。 Next, let's look at ネバネバパーツ【包】 (sticky part (wrapped)), a part designed to encase an arm that I've previously released.
0:45 今までは球体を維持したままでの拡縮しかできませんでしたが、 Before, you only enlarge or shrink the end while keeping the spherical shape,
0:49 今回は新しく、XYZ各単方向に拡縮できるようにいたしました。 ...but now you can enlarge or shrink it across any of the XYZ dimensions.
0:56 どれだけ腕を振ってもネバネバがちぎれることはありません。


Now matter how much she shakes her arm, it won't break apart.

This kind of thing can be seen in some recent animation.




"Yes, this is for fetishism! No, don't feel guilty!"

Feel free to use for any fetish.

1:09 ご視聴ありがとうございました! Thank you for watching! 

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