Videos to introduce the new sticky parts is a video by Dolt Me Ply introducing new versions of the sticky part models for MMD.

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Dolt Me Ply introduces a new series of sticky parts for MMD, once again using a Rin Kagamine model.

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【MMD講座】ネバネバパーツ新型(2016)紹介動画(introduce a new sticky parts)

【MMD講座】ネバネバパーツ新型(2016)紹介動画(introduce a new sticky parts)

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Some translations may not be completely accurate and have been modified for use with the English version of MMD.


Original Japanese

Rough English


...なんかすごいことになってますれwお久しぶりです。Dolt Me Plyでう。's been a while, hasn't it? I'm Dolt Me Ply.



Because I've only made new types of sticky parts, I'll introduce them briefly.





I brushed up the old sticky parts. Now they have a more natural shape rather than being rectangular.


その他、「二重構造による厚みの表現」「モーフによるカラーチェェ ジ」「接着面の凸凹変形」など新しい機能を組み込んであります。外部親などの使い方自体は旧型と同じゅです。

Additionally, there are other new functions like two layers to better express thickness, a color change morph, and an uneven deformation of the adhesive surface. Using with outside parents is the same as before.





This is a version of the sticky parts for stretching. It looks much more realistic than the old one.

0:39 リアルな分ポリゴン数が増えているため、わずかに動作が重いです。モーフなどの機能は「ネバネバパーツver2.0.pmx」とほぼ同じです。 Because the added realism means more polygons, the model is slightly more intensive. It's functions such as morphs are very similar to ネバネバパーツver2.0.pmx.
0:46 「ネバネバパーツ【包】ver1.0.pmx」



This is a version of the sticky parts that coat the hands or feet. Similar expessions can be found in anime like Nichijou.



The stretching part is just a straight line due to the model's structure. Because it has the same bone structure as the other sticky parts, its usage is the same as well.

0:59 以上3点に、機能をブラッシュアップした「ネバネバシート(板のみ)ver2.0.pmx」を加えて配布中です。

ニコニ立体もたはBowlRollで「ネバネバ(sitcky)」でSearch NOW♪

Besides the three described models, an improved sticky sheet (ネバネバシート(板のみ)ver2.0.pmx) is also included in the distribution.

You can you find these models by searching Nikoni solid or BowlRoll with "ネバネバ(sitcky)". Search NOW♪

1:04 ご視聴ありがとうございました! Thanks for watching!

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