The wedge is a stuck classified by small spaces where the victim is able to get in but not out. Typically this involves the victims belly/hips/posterior being too large to enter a space. Also common is the foot wedge, where a foot is stuck between two items or in a hole; and the breast wedge, which is the normal wedge, only the breasts being the culprit. Less common are wedges involving other appendeges (i.e. arms or head).
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A good example of wedges (Rabbit not necessary included)

Crawling wedgeEdit

The most common among wedges, this involves the victim attempting to crawl through a space (i.e., a dog door). Such stucks usually result in immobolization due to large stomachs, wide hips, or full bottoms.

An example of a crawling wedge. Not the buttcheeks are wider than the window frame.

Butt Stucks

Often the culprit, these usually cause the victim to brought to a standstill. This results in easy struggling (due to free range of movement inside the frame of space), and sometimes allows the victim to back out. Ways around backing out usually involve a combination of breast or hip stucks, or a third party factor, such as glue.

This stuck is often used in ecchi or hentai media, due to the fact that the female victim (usually) has no way of know who is behind them, and the vulnerablity of their behind.

Butt stucks in popular media include:

Belly Stucks
60 000 hits and a fat tummy by o kemono-d3g8fz4

An example of belly stucks. Note the globbing tummy. Credit to: O-Kemono (o-)

Usually the result of vanity, belly stucks occur when the victim has a large stomach. Usually the individual can climb through until their belly prevents further forword motion. However, the amount of fat already out prevents a return trip. Characteristics include frequently jiggling back and forth, less in-frame movement, and the victim's strange desire to go on a diet.

'Belly stucks in popular media include:'

  • Yotsuba Pretty Neighbor 6

Breast stucks

A slightly rarer wedge, this occurs when a victim's breasts are too large to get through the passage. Many times the victim is quite busty, and