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Wonder Woman Trap by Ardvark

Mark was just putting the finishing touches on his Boba Fett costume when Mandy barged into his bedroom. His pride and sense of accomplishment at seeing his costume assembled evaporated in an instant upon seeing his big sister. He knew what was coming.

Mandy let loose with a torrent of cackling laughter. "God but you are a spaz!!" she managed to squeeze out between laughs. "How can you go out in public dressed like that? Do you enjoy making an ass of yourself?" She stood there smiling, almost like she cared to hear how he would explain himself.

"This is my room, and my hobby! I wish you wouldn't give me shit all the time!" Mark half shouted defensively. Looking him over for a minute with a smug smile on her face, Mandy finally finished up with her mockery. "I was just coming in to tell you that I was heading to work. If you don't want to be treated like a dork, don't dress like one!" Laughing as she went, Mandy turned on her heel and left the room.

Mark sighed and sat down at his desk. God this week had been unbearable. With their parents off to Hawaii for two weeks, he had been left alone with Mandy. She'd been worse than ever without his Mother's moderating influence. It was okay if she didn't understand his interests in sci-fi, comics, and costuming. Why did she have to be such a bitch about it all? Mark was getting sick and tired of her smart ass crap!

Setting his helmet off to the side, Mark turned to his computer. Bringing up his e-mail account, he checked through the messages to see how his friends were doing with their costuming efforts. There were only two weeks till the next convention! While skimming over the communiques' Mark noticed a very strange message. Someone with the address had sent him a message. He didn't recognize that one. The subject heading read: Have you had enough of your Sister's nonsense? Considering the risk of virus attack for a moment, Marks curiosity won out and he clicked on the message.

The e-mail contained a short message that read as follows; Hello there Mark. You don't know who I am, but I happen to be very familiar with you. I've been most displeased with your sister lately. Not understanding your interests is no excuse for making you feel horrible about having them. I'm writing because I want to help you. How would you like to teach her a lesson? If your at all interested, go ahead and send me a reply.

With sympathy; A friend.

Mark read and re-read the e-mail. Not really knowing what to make of it, he considered every possible, and a few impossible scenarios that could explain it. Overcoming any fears that this was some elaborate joke at his expense, Mark wrote a brief response and sent it off. What the heck, it couldn't hurt to see what they had in mind.

Two days later, Mandy sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. She sure did wish Mom and Dad would get back soon. She was getting tired of being responsible for that geek Mark. Why anyone would waste their time with stupid geek stuff like he did was beyond her. Didn't he have any pride? Didn't he care what people thought? Mandy sure did. She loved being popular. This was her senior year of high-school and everything was coming up roses. The only thing that sucked in her mind was the fact that her boyfriend Rick wasn't here. Rick was a year older than her and had headed off to college. She missed him so much. Not so much for him, but more for how people reacted to the two of them together. A hot young couple in Rick's cool car, it was so great! As she sat their deep in what passed for thought for her, Mandy heard a knock at the back door. Heading over to it, she was greeted by a delivery man. "Hello there little lady, I've got a package for you." He said, with a dopey grin plastered on his face.

As he passed a pad requiring a signature over to her, Mandy quizzed him. "Who's it for?" She asked as she scrawled her signature.Taking the pad back and passing the package to her the man answered, "It's for a Mandy Carmichael, from Mr. Rick Burns."

Mandy's eyes lit up at the prospect of an expensive gift from Rick. She was so excited as she carried the package out to the living room she didn't even notice the the delivery man's "Have a nice day!" Sitting down at the couch, Mandy set the package on the coffee table before her. Pulling at the perforated seams on it, she opened it like a madwoman. Inside she found something wrapped in pink tissue paper, with a pink envelope setting on top. Tearing into the envelope she read what was written out loud, "Dear Mands, God do I miss you baby. I can't wait to come home. I found this at a shop on campus, and dream of seeing you in it. Waiting to see you with it on is going to drive me nuts! Rick."

Setting the card down, Mandy carefully unwrapped the tissue paper. Her excitement spilled over as she recognize some kind of clothing inside. Pulling it up, Mandy was more than a little surprised to find some kind of Lycra garment. Mandy's pop culture knowledge immediately recognized the color patterns. The gold eagle, the red upper section, the blue lower with white stars, it was some kind of Wonder Woman costume! Looking in the box Mandy discovered a silver tiara, matching bracelets, and a pair of high heeled red knee-boots. Feeling both bemusement and confusion, Mandy looked over the items. Rick had never mentioned having a thing for Wonder Woman.

Good lord, that was like something Mark would be into! Mandy laughed to herself as she continued to inspect the items. Well, she might as well try them on. Looking at the clock, Mandy calculated that it would be quite a while before Mark returned from his friends house. After all the crap she had given him for dressing up like a dork, she sure as hell didn't want to risk being in this thing when he got home! Sighing, she decided to give Rick's kink a whirl.

Pulling her clothes off, Mandy began to don the costume. She really was a beautiful young woman. Very fit and muscled. Her soft brown hair and vibrant green eyes always won her complements. It didn't hurt that she had legs that went on till Tuesday and lovely, perky breasts. After removing the last of her undergarments, Mandy pulled the leotard up her legs and onto her torso. Stretching her arms through it's upper extremities, and pulling it up over her thighs, Mandy pulled it over her body. It's tight shiny fabric hugged every curve of her dynamite figure. Adjusting it a bit around her chest, and tugging it into place, Mandy patted her self down.

Wonder Woman Trap

Looking over at a wall mirror, she had to admit that it did wonderful things for her. Rick would go nuts for this! Next she carefully placed the tiara on her head, adjusting it so that her hair come up and over it. After straightening it, she slid the bracelets onto her wrists, surprised by how tightly they gripped her arms. Finally, she picked up the boots and sat back down on the couch.

Lifting up each leg in turn, and pointing her toes out, Mandy pulled each boot up her lower legs. The red shiny material formed itself to the magnificent contours of her calves, hugging them in their scarlet embrace. Mandy was glad that she had experience with heels, the height of these things would have seemed daunting otherwise. After getting them on, Mandy stood up and took in the sight of herself in the mirror. This costume had definitely been made for her! She couldn't help but smile at the sexy piece of eye candy she had become.

Suddenly something bizarre happened. Mandy felt a strange sensation as a hissing sound assaulted her ears! She felt the leotard tighten and grip her body, the tiara and bracelets tingled, and the boots on her legs squeezed her in twin vice-like grips! Shocked, Mandy regained her composure as the sensations ceased. She didn't know what happened, but she sure as hell knew that clothing wasn't supposed to act his way! Setting down, she went to remove the boots from her feet. To her frustrations, she found that the stretch boots were quite firmly locked on!

Despite her efforts, she couldn't seem to budge them from the positions they had taken on her. Getting more than a little panicked, Mandy stood up and began to try and pull the leotard itself off. Like the boots, she found that every inch of the garment had sealed itself to her body, her contours had become it's contours! Mandy began to try and pull anything off that she could in near hysterics. She just couldn't grasp why or how this was happening!

The television suddenly flickered to life, ending Mandy's struggles as it caught her attention. On the screen, was Mandy's brother Mark! "Hi there Sis! Do you like your new costume?" Mandy's previous panic suddenly turned to anger. So that little bastard is responsible for this! She could imagine her hands around his neck already...

Her murderous thoughts were interrupted as Mark continued. "Well, now your just as big a dork as I am. I hope you enjoy it! Funny how you were willing to lower yourself to my level when you thought Rick wanted you to isn't it?" Mandy pouted as she continued to receive Mark's little lecture.

"Here's the deal Mands; I'm getting back at you, so your going to have to do something special before I let you out of that thing. I want you to go to the mall and walk to the inner courtyard in front of the food court. Once the boots touch the tiles around the fountain, the suit will release it's grip. Have a good time! I'm sure everyone will think your costume is really neat. And no covering it up!"

Mandy teared up a little as she sat down. She pouted and furrowed her brow as she considered this turn of events. It was all so embarrassing, and it was only going to get worse. Now all she had to do was build up enough resolve to get this thing off.

Mark had been waiting for hours. He had staked out a good observation point behind a support beam as he stood looking out at the mall courtyard. He could hardly stand the suspense! After a bit, he began to sense a commotion coming from down the mall's main thoroughfare. Crowds of people were murmuring and laughing as the disturbance made it's way toward the courtyard. After a bit Mark was rewarded for his patience with a hilarious sight. His big sister, decked out in a silly Wonder Woman costume, was slowly making her way toward the courtyard.

Groups of boys were whistling and cat-calling, families laughed, young girls pointed and whispered among themselves. Mark even recognized a few of Mandy's classmates. It was great! Mandy's face was beet red as she awkwardly shambled through the mob towards the courtyard. Her head hung low as she tried to cover herself with her arms in a vain attempt to maintain some modesty. The red boot's heels clicked and clacked as she made her walk of shame towards the tiles around the fountain.

Mark laughed and laughed, barely able to maintain his anonymity behind the support beam. Finally, Mandy's red boot's came to a stop on the blue tiles surrounding the fountain. Mark could see her shudder a bit as a strange hissing noise accompanied her reaching the desired position. Eyes wide, Mandy immediately began pulling the tiara and bracelets off, throwing them to the ground. Immediately after, she threw all modesty aside and pulled the leotard from her body, fighting to get it off. Exhausted from the speed of her efforts, she stood there for bit panting, naked save for the red knee-boots on her feet. Suddenly becoming aware of her position, Mandy looked around at the awestruck mob of humanity surrounding her. Shocked and covering her body with her hands as best she could, Mandy ran screaming from the courtyard, rushing past the crowd in a mad dash to escape their leering eyes. Off she ran, clicking fast in the heeled boots still on her feet.

Mark smiled as he watched the aftermath, and the startled reactions of the crowd. He would have to send and e-mail to his new friend, thanking him profusely.