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Gracie was a perfect girl; the kind of girl that all boys probably dream of meeting. At the age of 20, she was the most well known girl in her college and was called by many to be a goddess. Indeed, she had the form like that of a goddess. Her long flowing golden hair reaches down to her waist level, and with a single sway of her hair, it was like magical sparks flying everywhere to the eyes of most boys. Her body was something to be talked about too; her chest was at the size that boys would always talk about and the same could be said for her hips. With such beauty, a beautiful heart is also found within her. She had always been compared to that of an angel with her kind, loving, and cheerful personality and had always given people a good impression about her.

Not only was her figure and personality perfect, but also her works at class were also superb. Whether it be math, science, literature, or history, nothing was ever too hard for her. However, her best skill of all is the skill of acting. She had always dreamed to be an actress since she was young, and she kept her dreams up till now. Her performing and acting skills on the stage were top notch and she always won awards during talent shows. In fact, her performances are so good that one would even question if she is being real or just acting out. With such beauty and talents, it’s no wonder she would be the top girl of her college. However, being at the best does not always mean a good thing, as it would always bring forth people who are jealous of. Even though Gracie has many fans, she still has a decent amount of rivals, or enemies, who were always jealous of what she had. They always thought that as long as she was around, they would never become famous in their college. However, Gracie never gave much thought about this. If they are jealous, why don’t they try to surpass her using their own strengths? As long as they do not threaten her in any harmful way, she wouldn’t care much about these enemies. Then the day came when a humiliating experience in her life came…

Gracie’s parents had left for a few days already to attend some family business, and because she had college work to deal with, she was unable to go with them, and so she was currently living alone. This was no big deal, since she is all grown up, and plus, her parents were going to return in a few days.

She walked along the sidewalk and up to the front door of her house, and she reached into her pocket to find the keys, but after feeling around the pocket for a while, she didn’t touch the key at all. “Strange… I thought I left it in here,” she thought. She opened her bag next to search through it, but no matter how many times she flipped through the stuffs in the bag; she just couldn’t find her house key. “Where could it be?” She started thinking to herself about what she did this morning, and then she remembered that she was in quite a hurry to leave house and must’ve forgotten the key during that time. “Guess I didn’t bring it with me after all… Now how do I get inside?”

Work of Art

She reached for the doorknob and turned it, and it was obviously locked. She looked at the windows at the sides of the door and tried to open them, but they were all sealed tightly. So then she went all around the house looking for a possible entrance, but all the windows and even the backdoor were locked up with no way of being opened. After searching in vain for an entrance, she returned to the front steps and pondered what to do. “How do I get inside now…?” she thought to herself sadly. She then laid her eyes on the doggy door which was at the bottom of the front door, and then an idea came to her. Perhaps she could try entering the house from that doggy door? But the doggy door is pretty small, so how could she ever fit through it. There were no other options left, so after pondering carefully, she decided to give it a try anyway.

She crouched down and began crawling into the small opening down at the door. She allowed both her arms to go through first, followed by the head, and then the chest. However, she came to a halt when her chest reached the door. Apparently, they were a bit too big for the small entrance. Nevertheless, she struggled to push herself in, and after a couple of minutes, she finally got through the first obstacle, and her body came in smoothly, until she stopped. She looked back at the door and found her hips stuck to the sides of the doggy door, and she began to struggle and push herself inside, but she did not budge at all.

“I don’t believe this! I didn’t overeat or anything around these days!” she growled to herself as she continued to pull in.

But no matter how hard she tried, the hip refused to go through the doggy door, and after a few minutes of attempting, she gave up. “Guess I’m too big for this…” she thought. “Might as well think of another way…” She began to back herself out of the doggy door, but found that she couldn’t move back out too. “Oh no… Don’t tell me…” She looked back again and tried to pull herself out, but her hip remained wedged to the sides of the doggy door and no matter how hard she struggled, it refused to go out. “Move out!”

She struggled violently and wiggled and squirmed and tried everything she can to get herself out of the wedged situation, but all her efforts while fruitless. “No… This can’t be happening…” she said to herself in a hopeless tone. “How can I be stuck like this…?”

As she continued to struggle, three of her college students walked by her house. Calling them friends would not be a good idea, as they were some of the people that were jealous of all that she had. They saw her predicament and stopped to take a better look.

“Hey, isn’t that Gracie?” Betty, the girl with black shoulder-length hair, said. “Who else is wearing blue jeans with blue sneakers to class today?” Janice, the girl with red, curly hair, replied. “That’s her all right.”

“And look at what she got herself into!” Martha, the girl with a black ponytail, said. The three of them went up close to her and Betty asked Gracie, “Hey, what are you doing?” Gracie heard and recognized the voice and asked, “Betty, is that you? Help me out! I’m stuck!” “Stuck! Oh look at the way you are stuck! Haha!” Martha said while laughing. “I’ve never seen anything sillier than this!” Janice said. “Hahaha!”

“Please, help me out! I know you don’t like me very much, but please get me out of here!” Gracie pleaded while continuing to struggle.

But the three of them were all doing nothing but laughing at her predicament. Nothing was funnier than seeing someone they don’t like getting into trouble like this.

“Please! Help me out!” Gracie begged again. “Help me!”

“Boy! This is so funny!” Martha said as she got out her cell phone and began snapping pictures with it. “I’d love to see her stay like this for a while!” Betty said.

As they continued watching Gracie shaking her rear to struggle to get out, an idea came to Janice’s head. “Hey, I’ve got a great idea to humiliate her even more!” she said. “What is it?” Martha asked her.

A sly smile appeared over Janice’s face as got closer to Gracie. “Just watch and learn,” Janice said, and she reached her hand to the sides of Gracie’s jeans and tugged it a bit, and then quick as a flash, she pulled down not only her jeans, but her panty as well! “Tadah!”

Gracie felt what was happening from the inside, and her face immediately turned red when she realized what they had just done, and she began struggling and squirming even more. “What are you doing?! Put back up my pants! Put them back up!” she cried.

The three girls were having the laugh of their life on the other side. Before them was a bare buttock shaking and wiggling around like crazy. “Hahahaha! That sure is a brilliant idea!” Betty laughed loudly with her hands around her stomach.

“Hahaha! What made you think of that?” Martha said in between laughs. “I got even more ideas!” Janice told them. “Let’s get some paints first.” Inside, Gracie struggled to pull herself in and at times try to push herself out. Her butt was now fully exposed on the other side, and what can be more embarrassing than that? She had to get out and cover herself fast! Outside, the three girls returned from looking for paint, which they found at Gracie’s house garage. “Okay, this is what we do,” Janice explained to her friends.

Gracie couldn’t hear them from the inside very well, as they talked rather softly, but then she felt something touching her butt. It was a ticklish feeling that felt pretty cold at the same time, and she giggled a bit. Outside, Janice was smearing green paint on the back of her legs, and after she covered both legs in green, she got out a bucket of blue paint and began painting the color over Gracie’s butt cheeks. “The green part will represent the grassy meadow, and the blue part will represent the blue sky,” she said while doing the paint job. “You sure can come up with the craziest ideas,” Martha said.

Work of Art 2

After the painting was done, Janice got up and looked at the painted buttock before her and said, “Now what we need is a flower. The meadow wouldn’t look too pleasing if there was only grass, wouldn’t it?”

Betty looked around and saw some daffodils growing at the garden, and she went over there and picked up a one and went back to her friends. “How’s this one?” she asked Janice.

Janice looked at the flower she picked up and said, “Perfect! Let’s stick it into its rightful place!” She took the daffodil from her and bent down in front of Gracie’s painted butt. “Huh? What are you doing now?” Gracie asked. “Ow!” She felt a bit of a stinging feeling up her butt, as if something was trying to dig inside.

“There! Done!” Janice said as she stood back up to reveal that she stuck the stem of the daffodil right up Gracie’s butt!

Her other two friends were on the ground laughing like madmen by the time they saw this. “Wahahahaha!!! This is too funny!” they said in between laughters.

“Get me out!!!” screamed the muffled voice of Gracie from behind the door. “Get me out!” She shook her butt left to right violently and the daffodil swayed along with the movement. However, her wicked rivals continued to laugh at her shameful predicament.

“I still have another idea,” Janice said after she stopped laughing. “We shouldn’t be the only person to see this fun thing, shouldn’t we?”

Realizing that those three would probably never help her, she tried her best to pull herself out of her wedged spot, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t free herself. Her pants were down and her buttock was painted with a flower stuck up it. What could be more embarrassing? A short while passed…

Two elderly women were passing by her house, and they stopped to look at Gracie’s predicament. “Isn’t that Gracie?” asked one woman. “What is she doing? Does she have no shame?” “Seems like she is putting up an act,” said the other woman.

It appeared that before the three girls left, they had placed a sign next to Gracie and the sign wrote, “Street Art: Lamenting Flower in the Field.”

“Please! Someone get me out!” Gracie cried while continued shaking her bare butt. “I’m stuck!”

“My… She sure is a daring girl to do this act,” the old woman said.

“I knew her since she was small and she was very good at acting since that time,” said the other lady. “She still acts very well here too! I think this one is a bit too excessive though…”

Soon, news of her spread throughout the neighborhood, and people came over to watch Gracie ‘perform’. “Help me! I’m stuck!” Gracie shouted from behind the door. “Please! Someone! Help me!” But all she could hear coming from the outside where people cheering and whistling. “Good one!” “Bravo!” “Very good!”

“Somebody help me! Don’t just stand there!” she screamed at the top of her voice. But no matter how she cried for help, all her efforts were passed on as part of her act. A street performance and a work of art, one can say. Time passed and nigh eventually came. Gracie was still stuck at the doggy door with a painted butt and a flower sticking out of it. She was unable to free herself for the whole day. Luckily, she had a bottle of water with her in her bag, and she actually pushed the bag inside first before herself, so while was unable to eat anything for pretty much the whole day, she had water to keep herself hydrated.

“Mom… Dad… Please come back fast…” she cried sadly, and then she lowered her face onto hands and slowly cried herself to sleep. - The next morning… Gracie slowly opened her eyes and yawned, and when she tried to move, she couldn’t. She then remembered what happened yesterday, and when he looked behind her, she still saw the door, and though she could not see it, she could feel air running around her from behind the door, meaning that he butt was still being exposed. She lowered her head and tears slowly slowed down from her eyes as she pondered what to do.

“Gracie! Is that you?! What on earth are you doing?!”

Gracie shot her face up immediately after hearing this familiar voice. It was her mother! She was safe! -

It was without doubt the most humiliating experience in her life. Her parents had returned early morning and after about an hour of work, they were able to get her out by sawing down the door. There was no other way to get her out, so destruction to the door had to be made. However, going through this experience seemed to have paid off somewhat. When she was mistaken for putting up a street performance yesterday, people actually threw cash at her as a reward for entertaining them. As Gracie sat on her bed counting the amount of cash she had received, she thought to herself, “Guess it’s worth it in the end!”