Wrong Character by Jack

Trevor Smith was glad school was over for the week. The young high-school student dreaded his classes and was happy to be heading into the weekend. Better still, his parents were leaving him alone for the next couple of days while they went on a romantic getaway.

After walking home from the high-school, Trevor rushed into the house, dropping his jacket and book bag on the floor as he smiled to himself. The house was his for the next two days. The thin, smallish young man ran a hand through his brown hair as he stretched, a little tired after the long school day. Trevor got a drink of water before heading into his room.

Trevor was a huge Anime and Manga fan. He loved Japanese animation, buying DVD's and Videos as often as he could afford on his allowance. His room was covered with posters from various Anime shows and films. He had statues and models on every stand, and wall-scrolls draped on each wall. He didn't care if the kids at school though he was a nerd because of it, he loved Anime. Clicking on his computer, Trevor brought up his favorite Anime message board. He scrolled through the various topics and forums, stopping to read and post at anything that caught his eye.

Trevor blew about an hour on the board, sending off replies and submitting poll choices with lightening speed. Looking over the board again, a post in strange green fonts caught his eye. It read, "Cosplay-Phenomenon". Curious as to what that was all about, Trevor clicked on the post and read the message. The post read; "Cosplay-Phenomenon. The apex of cosplay technique and product. If you want to dazzle all those in the know, use Cosplay-Phenomenon for all of your Cosplay needs." Wanting to know more, Trevor clicked on the link to the website.

A Dazzling web-page sprang to life on Trevor's computer. He had never seen a more amazing on-line catalog. Fantastic animated graphics and shimmering fonts danced across the screen. The site promised that the costumes and techniques of Cosplay-Phenomenon were light years ahead of fan produced work, and just as advanced when compared to professional costumers. A Cosplay-Phenomenon ensemble was guaranteed to satisfy any customer. Clicking on the jpegs, Trevor had to admit that their costumes were amazing. Vash the Stampede, Spike from Beebop, even some Sailor-Moon stuff, the people wearing the costumes looked like the characters brought to life.

Trevor had never had much use for Cosplay, thinking that the whole thing was pretty stupid. He loved to make fun of his friends for dressing up when they attended conventions. When they wore their little homemade outfits, they invariably ended up looking like dorks. But, looking over the amazing product lines on the Cosplay-Phenomenon website, Trevor began to think a little differently. He imagined the next convention, with his friends showing up in their stupid home-made uniforms and costumes, and how amazed and jealous they would be when he arrived in one of these amazing outfits. Looking over the selection a while longer, Trevor decided that he would order one of the costumes, just to see the looks on his friends faces when he showed up at a convention in one.

Narrowing down his choices, Trevor tried to pick something really cool. After a while, he decided to get a really awesome InuYasha costume. Typing in his address and personal information, he went to his parents room and "borrowed" a credit card they had foolishly assumed he didn't know about. All that remained was to hit the select button on the costume and it would be on it's way. Excited as he worked the mouse, Trevor rolled the cursor over to the InuYasha icon. Letting his excitement get the best of him, he accidental clicked the button too early, picking a different costume to purchase. "Shit!" he cursed, not at all pleased with is accidental selection.

The worlds "Thank you for your purchase, the Kagome costume will be on it's way very soon." materialized on the screen. "Kagome!!??!" he muttered. A stupid schoolgirl costume!!???!! He didn't want that! Looking over the customer service sections, he struggled to find some way to change his order. The site's contact sections seemed a confusing mess, but eventually, Trevor seemed to find the right windows. Typing a quick message, he pleaded with the good people of Costume-Phenomenon to change his selected costume from Kagome to InuYasha. Doing all he could do, he finally assumed that he had done what he could to correct the situation. He poked around on-line for a while before finally heading to bed for the night.

The next morning, Trevor ate a bowl of cereal and watched T.V. while shaking of the drowsiness of sleep. To his surprise, the doorbell rang. Heading to it quickly, he was surprised to find a pleasant delivery serviceman, his big brown truck parked outside. The delivery-man had him sign a form and proceeded to give him a large brown box. It indicated that it was meant for Trevor, and was from Cosplay-Phenomenon. Trevor couldn't believe that it had arrived so quickly! He hoped that his efforts to switch costume selection had been successful.

Heading back in with the package, Trevor quickly sat it down and opened it up. Inside he found two packages, one larger than the other. Opening the smaller, he was relived to see the words, "InuYasha Costume" written on the box. Inside, he found a small metal controller. The device looked like a simple remote, with only two buttons on it, one that read activate, and one that read de-activate. Puzzled by what a remote would be necessary for, Trevor punched the activate button.

To his amazement, the second, larger package began to move, the wrapping began to tear and a strange tan sphere hovered up out of the rupture. Trevor watched wide-eyed as the small smooth orb hovered before him, not believing his vision. The orb seemed to pulse, then shot right at him, impacting on him hard. With amazing and fluid speed, the orb began to flatten and expand on Trevor, rushing over him faster than could be believed. The strange smooth substance melted over him, tearing his shorts and t-shirt to shreds as it coated his body. After the briefest of times, the substance had totally engorged Trevor's body, only his head sprang forth from the opening at his neck.

Before he could even react to this strange occurrence, the surface of the substance began to pulse and contort. Right in front of his eyes, Trevor's body began to change shape at the behest of the coating that covered it. In a matter of moments, the strange substance had become a very female bodysuit, totally obscuring Trevor's young male physique beneath a lithe girlish shape.

"I look like a girl!!!!" Trevor screamed. Terrified by what had been done to him, Trevor began to pull at the bodysuit, desperately trying to find a seam or joining so as to pry it from his body. N matter how hard he tugged, no matter how frenzied and panicked his efforts, Trevor could find no way to pull the substance from his body. Finally thinking clearly, he turned to grab the controller once more, desperate to hit the de-activate button. Before he could do so more movements erupted from the second package in the box.

Wrong Character

Clothes and a pair of shoes shot out, as Trevor waived his arms and legs, fighting the motions of the errant articles of clothing as they slithered over his body. No matter what he did, each piece quickly assumed it's position on him. Before he could do anything besides panic, He found his female shaped body dressed in a sailor like school girl uniform, a pair of socks, and a small pair of loafers. Faster than he could have imagined possible, the packages contents had reshaped his body into an exact duplicate of cute little Kagome from InYasha. His young male head now sat squarely on the neck and shoulders of a delicate, young, female body.

Fearful and not thinking, Trevor again tried to pull the costume off of his body. To his horror, he found that each piece of clothing, and the bodysuit under them were now quite fused to him. He could do nothing to remove them. Regaining his wits once more, he moved to retrieve the controller once more. Before he could pick it up, the small box began to spark and smolder.

"Nooooo!!!" He screamed. Trevor watched in terror as the box melted into sludge before his very eyes. He stood there for a bit, numb and insensible, not knowing what to do. The odd feel of the bodysuit, the strange sensation go the weight of breasts, and the feel of the fabric of the girlish uniform finally snapped him from his stupor. Looking through the package he found a small instructional booklet.

Wrong Character 2

Reading over the instructions, he discovered that each costume was part of a very specific system. Each piece was specially formulated for each other piece. His order and cancellation troubles must have resulted in a mix-up, whereby he received the Kagome costume with the InuYasha control unit. The strange feedback from the incorrect pairing must have burnt out the controller after the first activation. Looking over the booklet from cover to cover, Trevor could find no assistance numbers. Running to his room, he went back to the message board, only to find the Cosplay-Phenomenon posting removed. He even scrolled over his history, only to find no reference to the website he was searching for.

All Trevor could do was pace back an forth, horrified by his new female frame. All of his options passed through his mind. None comforted him. He just couldn't face another soul dressed like this, he though of calling the fire dept. or ambulance, but dreaded the laughter he was sure to receive. All he could do was sit there and think. His parents would return in a couple of days, and school would be back in session. Trevor began to weep.